A Note on Booking Policies

Please understand that our policies are created to be fair to all Perfect You clients. When a client books an appointment, she is taking up time that -most often- other clients will request. Also, there are costs associated with these bookings. Perfect You is still responsible for preparing the procedure room, and paying for the space. Also, employees are required to be present for all clients, and are paid by Perfect You, regardless of whether a client shows up or not. We have created the following policies, in order to be fair to our valued clients. Rather than increase prices across the board, based on no-shows, we manage to keep our prices competitive for all our clients, by charging those who do not show up. We hope that you feel these policies are fair, and we welcome your feedback.

Eyelash extensions booking policies

Refund Policy

Payment is being made to Perfect You for services rendered. These costs are non-refundable. If a client suffers from an allergic or other adverse reaction, or is in any way unhappy with the results of the procedure, Perfect You offers one free booking opportunity, at its sole discretion with the service provider who performed the initial procedure. This may include, eyelash extensions removal, eyelash extensions re-application, or refill. For appointments that are made in such cases, it is mandatory that the client attend the allocated appointment time. By choosing to not attend the appointment, the client forfeits this complimentary service.

Appointment Cancellation Policy

For all appointments, Perfect You requires 24 hours notice in case of cancellation. If 24 hours notice is not provided, clients will be charged a no-show fee of $50 to cover the costs incurred. 

Permanent Makeup Policies

Permanent Makeup Free Consultation Booking Policy

Perfect You offers one free 15 minute consultation to anyone who wishes to explore the possibility of getting a permanent makeup procedure. Since there is normally no charge for this service, it is exempt from the general no-show fee of $50. However, if a free consultation appointment is not attended, Perfect You will require a credit card deposit of $50 for all future appointments, whether for permanent makeup or eyelash extensions. This deposit will go against the cost of any procedure, and is non-refundable in the case of a no-show. If a client misses the first free consultation appointment, we will gladly offer a consultation in the future, but at a cost of $50.

Permanent Makeup Procedure Policy

For permanent makeup application, payment is being made to Perfect You for services rendered. These costs are non-refundable, once the service has been rendered. The full service includes the initial procedure fee, as well as a single touch up opportunity, if needed. By making a booking request for this touch-up, the client understands that it is mandatory that she attend this appointment. By choosing to not attend this appointment, the client forfeits any future free booking. All future bookings will be subject to the regular fees, and a deposit may be required for booking.

General Permanent Makeup Policy

We very much welcome input from all of our clients, either personally, by phone, email or on social media. This helps us improve our services, and it also helps us understand what we are doing right. Given the nature of the procedures, however, it is very important that clients understand some important details.

  1. We will never perform a procedure on a client, if there is any reason why we feel this procedure will not reflect positively on the client. We pride ourselves on knowing what looks good and what does not look good, regardless of personal belief or preference. Of course, the personal preference of a client is of the utmost important, but we will not perform a procedure, if we feel that it will not make the client look more beautiful and/or more dignified. We receive dozens of requests every week to replicate various “looks”. Most of the time, these looks are suitable. But, for whatever reasons, sometimes we will disagree about what will make her look her best. We will guide that client in a more appropriate direction, and -in the case of severe disagreement- we will simply not perform the procedure. This is nothing personal. It’s simply that we want all of our clients to maintain the highest levels of dignity, and we also will not perform procedures that puts the client at undue risk.
  2. Some procedures require more than one visit. It is critical to understand that some procedures, by their very nature, require more than one visit. Eyebrow procedures most commonly require 2 procedural visits, and our pricing reflects the need for 3 appointments (one consultation, plus 2 procedure appointments).  Permanent makeup is generally darker, directly after a procedure. This will fade, and a scab will form, and the colour will consolidate, usually after a few weeks. Only then, can we know what further action is required, to achieve the desired look. We ask all clients to be critical and honest about their experience at Perfect You. However, if a procedure has not been completed, Perfect You cannot in any way be held accountable for the look. Only when we have had ample opportunity to complete a procedure, can a client reasonably comment about the procedure’s value. Perfect You performs procedures on clients, with the understanding that clients will do everything in his/her power to allow Perfect You to finish the procedure. If a client decides to not allow Perfect You to complete the procedure, the client acknowledges that the consequences of this choice, are her’s, and her’s alone to bear. Perfect You will not be held liable in such cases, and should not be negatively implicated via word-of-mouth, social media, or any other medium.

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