What is Sugaring?

Sugaring product is 100% natural and hygienic. Unlike double-dipping a stick for waxing, we use a freehand method to pick up just enough product and discard it. Body sugaring is a safe and much gentler form of hair removal; it is perfect for sensitive skin and safe on psoriasis and varicose veins.


How does Sugaring work?

Sugar paste is always body temperature-applied with a gloved hand and moulded onto the skin. It is applied against the growth of the hair and removed in the natural direction of hair growth. It removes only hair and dead skin cells with minimal discomfort and leaves the skin beautifully soft. For most areas of the body, it is ideal to have 14 days of growth for the best results.


How often is Sugaring recommended?

Optimal results occur when sugaring regularly with no shaving in between. Sugaring on a regular basis softens and thins out the hair. Sugaring approximately every four weeks is ideal. The more you sugar, hair growth will be reduced and the time in between sugaring can be extended.


Sugaring Prices

  • Brazilian (First time or outside of 4-week mark) $68
  • Brazilian Maintenance (within 4 weeks) $58
  • Bikini $49
  • Underarm $29
  • Face (no eyebrows) $39
  • Full Arms $45
  • Half Arms $35
  • Full Legs $65
  • Half Legs $55


Before & After Sugaring


  • No body creams, lotions or deodorant should be applied to the skin as this can hinder the sugar from adhering to the hair.
  • Broken, sunburnt, damaged skin should be avoided.


  • Slight redness can appear post-treatment but dissipates.
  • Avoid suntanning post-treatment.


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