Perfect You’s lashes last the longest in the industry, because of our strict quality control standards and attention to detail.


Perfect You Quality Control Commitment

We do not perform services that will make you uncomfortable while you are doing your lashes. There are no blow dryers and there is no smell of nail adhesive while you lie in the bed.

We offer every client a private room, with a door. You are vulnerable when you are getting a procedure done. You have your eyes closed for up to 2 hours, so you need to have the peace of mind that no one can barge in, or be around you. Plus, you may want to talk to your technician, and it’s unsettling to know that other people can hear your private conversation. When you get your eyelash extensions at Perfect You, it’s all about you.

Sunlight and modern LED lighting in every room. Every room at Perfect You has a window. This may now seem like a big deal, but it makes for a happier environment and better light for the technicians. Also, We have replaced the old fluorescent bulbs in the studio with modern, low-energy, efficient, daylight spectrum LED panels and bulbs. These are not only better for you, but since they consume 75% less energy than conventional bulbs, these lights are better for the environment.

Comfortable, ergonomic bedding. Our beds are all the highest grade aesthetic beds, lined with memory foam. This is better for your back and your overall comfort level. By providing our technicians with full hydraulic bedding, they are able to adjust to your needs quickly and easily.

A women-friendly atmosphere and care-ethic values. We care about our community. We care about our clients. And we care about each other at Perfect You. We are friends, as much as colleagues. The products we carry, as well as the quality of service, reflects these values.


Eyelash Extensions Prices

It takes time to develop speed, dexterity and precision when it comes to eyelash extensions. It is for this reason that we have developed four levels of eyelash technician certification and varying prices to reflect them: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Master Technician.


This system is beneficial to the technician, who is able to develop their skills at their own speed, and to the client, who has a variety of price points to choose from based on their budget.

FULL SETS Level 1 – Master Technician

*Base price reflects the service cost with a Level 1 Technician and increases by $10 for each level thereafter, to the maximum price (displayed) for a Master Technician.

Regular 1D                        $110 – $140
Volume 2-3D                     $130 – $160
Volume 4-5D                     $140 – $170
Hybrid 1 & 3D                   $120 – $150
Mega Volume                    $150 – $180
Partial Volume Set            $115 – $130

REFILLS Level 1 – Master Technician

*Base price reflects the service cost with a Level 1 Technician and increases by $5 for each level thereafter, to the maximum price (displayed) for a Master Technician

**Refill prices are for existing clients only. All new clients must book an Extended Refill if they have lashes remaining from a previous spa.

Regular 1D                $50 – $65
Volume/Hybrid         $55 – $70
Mega Volume            $60 – $75
Mini Refill                  $39
(30 min touch up within 2 weeks, book by phone with reception only)

Mini-Mega Volume Touch Up                  $52
(30 min Mega Volume mini refill within 1-2 weeks of your last refill. Must book for the 1-hour refill if you are past the 2-week mark or have less than 70% of your extensions left.)

Extended Refill         $90 – $105
(1.5hr touch up within 6 weeks or for clients with lashes from another spa)

REMOVAL                  $35
LASH LIFT                 $75
LASH LIFT & TINT     $95

Before Your Next Appointment

Please help us to give you the best of our time. We urge you to be on time for your appointment. Make sure your eyelashes are clean and without makeup. Cleaning eyelashes takes time and will reduce the eyelash application time. Please avoid oily products around your lashes, prior to your appointment.

During Your Appointment

At your appointment, try to reduce facial movement as much as possible. This helps us speed up the application of your eyelashes.

Perfect You provides a warranty for all eyelash extension applications. Our certified eyelash technicians will always do their best, no matter what the challenges, whether you need eyelash repair or have thin eyelashes. We offer a full removal, for free, if you are not 100% satisfied with your application.

Please see our policy page for more policy information.

Ottawa Eyelash Extensions Prices and Buyers’ Guide

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